A million thoughts in a millisecond

I am so excited. In less than a month I will be in Mississippi starting the rest of my life with my love. There are so many things that I have to do, to finish, to figure out. I have court things to do with the ex regarding our kids. I have packing to do. I really should figure out what day I am actually going to be heading up there. I am still working, even though I wish every single day that I could just not go in and just finish my time there now.

I need to find a job. Yes. I am moving up there with out a job. Not the most brilliant thing to do. But. It happens. I need him. I want to be near him. I am going with or with out a job. Now, its not for lack of trying. A friend of mine works at a place that does almost the same thing I do, and we’ve talked about bringing me on board as a work from home agent. Which, as anyone that knows anything about how often the military moves, would be the most ideal type of job for me to find. I have spent almost 5 years in this current line of work, and while I am not that thrilled with it currently, I do like it. My current feelings toward my job haven’t always leaned toward disdain and hatred. I am burnt out and at a dead end right now. With all that being said, if ANY ONE knows of any jobs in Southern MS, please let me know!

I started a new diet a few weeks ago. Its not an I want to lose weight diet. Its more of an I want to be healthy diet and if I lose weight in the process - score. Its a tough thing going from eating what I want when I want, to making sure I am eating my veggies and not all the chocolate cake. I was doing great with it and I still am… but the last few days has sucked. I am tired, cranky and I feel like poo. I’m about positive that most of all that is due to stress. I need to get rid of this stress. Soon.

Count down is…. 19 days :)

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